Kanga Potash Convention Signing

Kanga Potash and Republic of Congo Conclude 25-Year Mining Convention, Paving the Way for Transformation in Resource Development Brazzaville, The Republic of Congo- August 18, 2023 The Republic of Congo and Kanga Potash have reached a historic milestone with the signing of a 25-year Mining Convention on August 18, 2023. This landmark agreement ushers in a […]

DFS Release

SME Completes DFS First in Class Project Confirmed SARMIN MINERAL EXPLORATION (SME) a Mauritius based company owned by SARMIN MINING INC. (SMI) and the Luxembourg registered African Mineral Exploration and Development (AMED) private equity fund are pleased to announce the completion of the DFS focusing on their Kanga Potash exploration License. SMI and AMED jointly […]