• KP received the Kanga exploitation decree on 17 June 2022 (gazetted in July 2022)

  • KP owns 85% of the Kanga Licence through NewCo Mining SA

  • Ratification of the mining convention by ROC parliament expected soon

  • The Kanga licence covers 320 km²

  • Only 3-7km2 required for planned 600K to 2.4M tpa production

  • District drilling areas show particularly thick potash seams (“Super Seams”) at depths between 300 metres and 1100 metres

  • The Loango Licence is a valuable addition to the Kanga licence and gives KP control over the entire known extent of onshore thick potash seams

  • The Loango licence area covers 352 km2. A historic petroleum well located in the Northern part of the permit shows continuation of thick seam drilled in Kanga into the Loango licence

  • The Council of Ministers approved the Loango exploration licence in July 2018 and was renewed in January 2021 for another 2 years (1st renewal)